SO recently I had some blood work done----the doctor called me that very day----it looks like you have a big problem----you need to go see your primary care doctor immediately after the holiday.  This needs to be addressed---and we need to see how extensive the damage is.

SO---I went to Dr. Good Looking and Sweet today and we talked about the test and the events surrounding immediately before the blood work.  TURNS OUT---there is a possibility that my 7 mile run right before the blood work COULD very well affect the results---SO we are re-doing the blood work on a day that I don't run/walk.

I texted my children to tell them that news---my REALLY WISE #1 texted back--

"The Very Reason I DO NOT Exercise."!!!

My children are SO WISE!


I am leaving December 18th to stay with the Fort Worth family while Momma is recovering from Baby #3----BUT the realtor is having an "Twilight Open House" tomorrow evening-----SO we agreed it would be a good touch to have things decorated-----I MUST HAVE A SCREW LOOSE!!!

SO I started dragging stuff out of the attic---out of the storage house---out of closets---putting normal decor back in the attic--in the closets---in the drawers---and began decorating for Christmas---

Is it OVER THE TOP if there are 21 Santa's within a 10 foot range?  I did have the good sense today to say ENOUGH----It was that or change my name to Ms. Griswold!


SO---being the professional woman that I am---I put on my POWER GIRL pants and went to a meeting with the CEO of a multi-state----multi-division BIG Company this morning to talk about doing some contract work for them.  I am feeling confident and trying to talk a good game---with him and his CFO---a young professional woman. 

Leave there and go to another meeting with my newest client and spend an hour talking high level finances--including budgets---computer program capabilities and various other "Accounting VooDoo" that I would explain to you---but then I would have to kill you---It's ALL high level secrets!

Leave this meeting and look in the rear view mirror as I am backing up----my lipstick looks like a 3 year old put it on---REALLY!  Am I BLIND???  It is in a major wad on one side and hardly on the other side.  WHAT must these people have thought.  Something like "Poor Old Lady---her vision must be going!"



I went for my once every 3 years visit to the doctor last week.   SO FAR--I have had about a call a day about what is wrong with me as the tests come back----

WHAT---I feel fine!



It wasn't enough to gorge ourselves with turkey and all the trimmings Thursday and yesterday----today we have spent the day cooking!

DIL---and #2 baked the scratch cake shown---with layers of strawberries and whipped cream---and yummy light cake.  They used EVERY bowl in the kitchen---BUT OH SO WORTH THE MESS!

Then #1 and I spent the day making Lulu's famous chili!  He is becoming quite the cook!  You should have seen his eyes when I taught him the measuring in the palm of your hand.  After I gave him a demonstration, he couldn't wait to do the same trick.  #2 (Mr. EXACT-O) said, "We have measuring spoons."  I explained measuring spoons were for baking----COOKING was by the seat of your pants---OR the palm of your hand.

We ate 1/2 a stock pot of chili---SO it MUST have been pretty good!  LOVE cooking with my family!


Gabe & I went to lunch together today and had REAL Mexican Food-----when you walk in the hole in the wall dive and it is full of workers from South of the border---you KNOW you are in the right place.  Verde sauce with Mexican cheese topped my enchiladas----YUMMY!

We went for a drive around a few of the lake neighborhoods then and I must say---I am NOT sure I could ever afford to live in Austin----we ended the ride at the estate for sale on the side of the hill (BIG HILLS IN AUSTIN)---it was really something AND they only want $14K for it---WHAT A DEAL!  

WHAT do the people here do for a living?????



WHY do boys LOVE to wrestle?  I have my own idea---they love each other, but are not comfortable showing affection----SO there answer is a good wrestling match.  #1 & #2 are caught in the act-after a huge Thanksgiving meal and a movie---they are in the middle of the floor wrestling.  It all starts very innocently---they are just by each other---but before you know it one has his hand on the other--and then a foot---and it just moves on from there until we are in a full out rolling in the floor combat.

I sent Camille this picture with the comment, "This is what you have to look forward to" .  She replied, "I think I am already living it."

Wonderful day---delicious food---sweet company that I love dearly---It doesn't get any better---



I am continually amazed at how God works in my life and those that he uses to ensure His will is done.   LONG STORY---but AWESOME evidence of HIS hand on me----

SO  I put my house on the market about a month ago---it has not shown a single time.  I talked it over with God recently in the middle of the night---asking HIM---if this is Your plan for me to move--I am leaving it up to You to open the doors---

A few days later I had a casual conversation with a friend who is a mortgage lender about the market--and what is happening--mentioning to her that I have my house up for sale.  Thought no more about it.

I received a text while Camille was here that someone wanted to show my house---GREAT!  I see the same mortgage lender the next day while at work and mention to her that my house is showing the next day---she says--Yes--Real Estate Agent X is showing it to a single lady.  Turns out the lender and agent are good friends and when he is discussing with her that he is showing this lady around--she says you need to show her Lora's house.

They come today---my realter calls me on my way to Austin and says the lady is very interested---no commitment---but this lets me know---God is directing this operation and it will sell.  What a great God!

As I ponder the fact that this is really going to happen and I am going to leave my lifelong home in Louisiana---I am a little apprehensive---and then I look up and see the night sky and remember---The SAME God that is watching over me in Louisiana is here in Texas and will be watching over me here as well.  THAT IS COMFORTING!

Good Starry Night From Deep in the Heart of Texas.


I've seen God working in my life today.  He continues to amaze me---but rather than give you those details----I leave you with this---the story is so simple---and yet SO amazing!


Camille & boys came to see me this weekend.  IT WAS AWESOME!  We were busy every minute---playing---visiting--just being together.  I can't tell you HOW MUCH I LOVED every second of it!  

I have laughed and said---someone will want to see my house while they are here---well God gave me a reprieve---but I did have a text from my awesome realtor today---someone wants to come Wednesday.  

Camille and crew pulled out of the drive at noon and I went into overdrive---putting everything back up where it goes---sweeping up the crushed Gold Fish--washing towels-sheets--sweeping up bird seed---picking up rocks---

and-then---all was quiet again---I was alone---

BUT SOON---VERY SOON---I will live close to all the grands---I am EXCITED!


IF You Claim to Have Sensitive Ears---DO NOT listen!  

TRUER than we care to say!


I have a few runners that I greet with a "High Five" when we pass on the streets in the early AM dark.  ONLY PROBLEM---I have horrible hand - eye co-ordination---so 90% of the time--I miss or at best get a High couple of fingers.  SO embarrassing---but I stink at bowling--can't catch a ball--can't make a goal--can't get close at horseshoes---even stink at croquet!  WHAT CAN I SAY?

SO---if you see me and try to "High Five" me---don't be offended when I don't "Slap Hands" with you---I'll try--but probably I will be fanning you as our hands pass in the breeze.


EACH and every time Camille tries to call me---if the little darlings are awake---it is a fiasco.  It seems they look up and discover she is on the phone and the fun begins --ALWAYS ending with "I have to call you back, Mom"  SLAM!

There is the tactic of 

Needing to have their own conversation with Mom

Having a pressing need for something---anything

Wanting to hold the phone themselves and heavy breathing while I prattle on to them--OR pushing the keys so it causes ear damage to me.

Sitting on---pushing---hitting---grabbing a toy from Brother

Discovering dire Hunger or Thirst--that MUST be quenched-fulfilled.

ON and ON and ON---

so while I am in Fort Worth for Baby #3---don't call me and expect to have any chance at a conversation---OR if you are in dire need for entertainment---call---You can count the method of interruptions as we speak!


I have learned my once a year lesson---not sure WHY I must repeat it EVERY year---but most years I have to relearn it.

I THOUGHT I was being smart--by ordering the little boys Christmas on line---but then I discovered the price tag on the freight and thought---"Oh I'll just run over to Monroe & pick it up---NO Big Deal"  How much trouble could that be and I'll save that $50 freight bill.

I looked up the dimensions---measured my trunk---had the paper work in hand--and took off as soon as I finished work.  Well I FIRST stood in line at the toy store--to remain unnamed---except for the initials TRU----for 45 minutes---I thought I was in the express pick up line---turned out it was the put your toys on lay a way and argue about their price line also.  FINALLY I get to the front and my transaction seems to puzzle the cashier who has to ask her manager-----She fools with the computer a few minutes and says-"Alright" and I say, "Alright what?"  She says they are bringing it.  I stand around for 30 minutes with the same lady--NOT busy now ignoring me---FINALLY the manager notices--takes my paper and gets on the walkie talkie and gets someone to bring it.

He starts out the door toward the car and my heart sinks---the dimensions were wrong---I have to go back into the store--put it on delay pick up--another line involved-----and start back to R--with NO toy.  I get the brilliant idea to call my friend who graciously loans me his truck.  I head BACK to Monroe--and this time there is not a problem and the nice manager takes pity on me and does not make me wait in the long line again.  

I head back to R--man (or woman) handle the box out of the truck---go put gas in the truck to replace what I used and take the truck back.

SO let's see---to save $50---I made 2 round trips to Monroe, stood in line for 1 hour and 15 minutes--made a round trip in my car ---put gas in my friend's truck---and in total spent about 4 hours picking up the toy.PERHAPS $50 was cheap!

THIS WAS MY LAST TRIP to a store for Christmas---I will order everything on line---and remember this lesson--for this year anyway!


NOTE TO SELF----repeat after me---I am only responsible for me---can't control what others do or don't do---only answerable for my actions---don't judge others for their unwillingness---

I find myself sitting here with my tail in a knot---I MUST remind myself of the above---but sometimes---just sometimes---it gets on my LAST nerve and I would SO like to rebuff those "No's" that I hear.  BUT I have been praying about and am working on judging not---lest I be judged

SO---please don't give me your reasons--just say "No"----I don't do well with excuses!  



We celebrate the great men and women in our country that served in our armed forces who fought to preserve our freedom.  We all have men or women in our lives who filled the ranks of freedom protectors.

My Daddy---served during World War II in the European theater---I have read a few of his letters to Momma during this time and remember hearing the stories of that time in their lives.  What it must have been to endure that LONG war!  What a sacrifice SO many made.  Daddy came home physically intact--who knows the emotional toll it took on him and many others.

My Uncle Bruce served in Korea---one of the things I remember most was him talking about how cold it was.  He died a premature death---we will never know if that "conflict" had any impact on his early leaving.

My peers served in Vietnam---we lost one of our Farmerville natives that was about my age over there.  His picture was in Look magazine during that time and then he was gone---a statistic in the numbers of the years that were lost protecting our freedom.  Many of my classmates and friends served--with eternal consequences to them.

SO--thank you to all those that have served and especially to the families of those that were lost.  It is a debt we can never repay.


My quest for a pony tail has finally been answered!  ALL DAY today I have had my hair up in a pony tail----it started with putting it up for my 5:30 AM run----AND it only requires 3 clips to keep it up now---I've come a LONG WAY since I started out with about 6 to keep it up a month or so ago.  I gave the Olympic gymnastics a run for their money when it came to the number of clips.

I have had a BUSY BUSY day----but through it all---the pony tail stayed in place with no rehashing putting it up.  I've lusted after all my friends---and non-friends easy hair-do's--it just looked SO SIMPLE and CAREFREE

WELL---I have arrived---my own pony tail- be it ever so short--only thing is---here I was thinking all the fast girls had pony tails---I was wrong---I'm NO FASTER---still just muddling along putting one foot in front of the other---but MY TAIL IS SWISHING BEHIND ME!


After Grand #4 was born---I often talked about the baby and called him Bubba with #3----Sweet-sweet Camille--nipped that in the bud---told me she did not want that sticking and did not want Little E called Bubba---I gave in--finally---and now we call him Brother---cute---but it just does not have the charm (redneck) of Bubba.

After work today, I was out planting a few more pretties in the back yard.  The neighbor from behind---whom I have never seen----has a little dog that started barking when he heard me.  He started questioning the dog about what he was barking at and I stuck my head over the fence to tell him I was there.  I introduced myself and low and behold---Bubba told me his name too.  I guess Camille was correct---these names can stick for a lifetime.  

What was puzzling about he entire encounter----Bubba-who incidentally has looks that fit his name, has a little white Frau Frau dog---and he is a single man---GO FIGURE!  An Enigma in my back yard!


The television is off---I am not reading the papers---I do not need anyone to tell me what is going on and why the election came out like it did.  I looked at the red/blue state map and that explained it all.

SO---I am praying for our nation----God IS in control---but He DOES sometimes demand justice----BUT as I have seen from a personal point of view---HE is the Judge----not us-----SO I trust Him---I love Him and I will listen for Him.  At this point---not sure what good it does to rehash it all over and over.

As I have learned during the past few years---try to move on and do the next right thing.


I LOVE the stimulation of working!  I worked with a new client today----a rural health care agency.  It gave me pause to think about our current state of health care.

If you live "In the City"---there are MANY options and MANY doctors.  The fact is that most doctors---due to level of technology---support---and even economic reasons--prefer to work in large cities.  If you are fortunate to live in the large city---AND have good health insurance---you have MANY options to select from.

We are NOT a large city here in Ruston, but we do have options--and a high level of technology for an area of this size.  We don't have the cutting edge in latest finds---newest treatments---but we have many doctors and a good hospital.

When you live in a rural area--you are not so fortunate.  I learned today that many that live in these rural areas are suffering from many and varied illnesses and conditions. They see a nurse practitioner who is backed by one physician.  I am NOT debasing the NP or the GP that provides her backup===BUT the fact is the level of care afforded by living in a large community with specialists on every corner and large MEGA hospitals and research facilities is not available in Rural America.

It was eye-opening and enlightening---thankfully with governmental assistance---they do have this level of care--I'm not sure they would even have what they do if not.  I am not sure the nationalization of health care is the answer is the answer---in fact it is NOT the answer---BUT I am not sure is what is.


ONCE UPON A TIME---A LONG TIME AGO----there was this thing called "The Oil Embargo".  Oil was in short supply SO Uncle Sam in ALL his wisdom decided that we would all benefit by changing the time in the summer so that we had longer daylight hours and could spend more time out of doors during the hot time of the year.  

SO they changed the time---we ALL sit on our lazy butts IN the air conditioning during these wonderful daylight hours in the HOT summer time---NOT saving energy.  BUT after a a few months---it was actually a shorter period of time for many years---now it's 6 months of the year--we would go back to the "Real Time"?

SO we just get used to the time being one way--our bodies adapt and BAM we change back.  My head knows that I got another hour of sleep---or actually FINALLY got that hour I lost back---BUT my body does not.

MY TAIL IS DRAGGING!  Is it alright to go to bed at 7 PM?  This is what happens when Uncle Sam starts seizing control of our lives---A MESS!


I have a sweet little house---and it is amazing to me that no one has even looked at it yet---BUT God is teaching me AGAIN---

His timing is perfect---mine is flawed---I need patience and trust.

He sends a prospect of a new job---a welcome thought---with Christmas coming soon.  His timing is perfect.

I confessed at Bible Study tonight that I have an idol in my life----I thought that the one idol in my life had abandoned that throne---but now I find with careful self-examination I have another idol---financial security.  How long will God have to continue to work on me.  HE will provide---I need to NOT spend any time worrying----HIS plans are the PERFECT plans for me!

I am a work in progress----perfection will not be accomplished this side of Heaven!


Do you remember back in the late Spring----I won the lottery---I was given a spot in the NY Marathon----the one last marathon I would run.  After LOTS of prayer and thought----and THEN announcement that Grand # 5 was on their way.  I deferred until the following year.

I did tell you about the announcement that #5 was coming?  When I found out I was one of the lucky runners, I asked Camille would she go to NY with me since no one else from Ruston--at the time---was in this year's marathon. LONG STORY---GOOD STORY--for another day about our local "Wonder" who also got in---AFTER I had deferred.  After weeks of agonizing about whether or not I could do this year's marathon and obsessing about the cost---I called to discuss it with Camille.  She asked me "When is it?"  I told her the first weekend in November.  She said, "Well I'll be in my third trimester and probably not able to travel."   WHAT!!!!  SURPRISE   for ALL OF US!!!  Good Surprise!

SO at that point---I KNEW---DEFER!

NOW Look at what has happened to poor NY and surrounding areas----and the marathon has finally been cancelled----GOOD CHOICE---NYRunners Club---BUT---I have once again---seen How God is Protecting Me!  Thank You, Lord.  Forgive me for my doubt---and increase my faith---that You Know before I could possibly even be aware.  AND YOU ARE PROTECTING ME!


There is not one thing---good or bad---even the worst you can imagine--that can EVER take the sweet memories we have.  The Blessings that have showered down upon us---the birth of our children---the birth of our grandchildren---innocent sweet times together---glorious over the top--trips----sweet hours by the fire---meals enjoyed---laughter shared---the list goes on and on...

No Matter What is Said---No Matter What Shall Occur---NOT ONE Thing can take those wonderful---happy memories from me.