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 It seems I have always known what stealth means, but did not hear it used a great deal until the advent of the stealth bomber in 1977.  Here is what Dr. Google has to say about stealth aircraft ~

"While no aircraft is completely invisible to radar, stealth aircraft make it more difficult to detect or track the aircraft effectively, increasing the odds of an aircraft avoiding detection by enemy radar and/or avoiding being successfully targeted by radar guided weapons. " There is more--but this gives you the gist of stealth aircraft.

The entire point is to avoid detection.

There is a new trend and term floating around in university towns---STEALTH DORMS.  We have street after street of these houses in Fort Worth--especially in areas close to the local university.  When driving through the residential streets surrounding the university there is a slow trend of tearing down the old and putting up these multi- story homes which have the appearance of a large family home.  Upon closer examination, there are hints of who really lives in these monstrosities.  One would be the concrete back yard for parking multiple vehicles and then there is the circular drive in front which will also hold several vehicles.  Then there is the low maintenance--minimal landscaping, along with usually two front doors.  AND the "Let The Secret of the Bag Dead Give Away" ~ the Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night parties.  All efforts to blend in as a family home are for nil when every light is on, music is blaring, and the overflow of party goers is spilling out of the front doors.  The neighbors are NOT happy when they see one of these being built on their street.  As the old saying goes- "There goes the neighborhood".  All efforts of blending in to the neighborhood are now swept away and what once was stealth has had its cover blown.

The beauty and charm of a decades old neighborhood have been encroached by this huge house with multiple students residing there.  The latest in the ongoing trend of gentrification of cities.

Where could I be going?  Are we guilty of being Stealth Believers?  WHAT?  Do we disguise our belief by emulating the appearance of those around us?  Do we always openly portray our faith, or are we trying to just fit in?  Are we lukewarm---in an effort to avoid confrontation?  Thoughts while walking down a street filled with stealth dorms---am I hiding behind the world?

"I know what you have done;

I know that you are neither cold or hot.

How I wish you were either one or the other!

But because you are lukewarm,

neither hot or cold,

I am going to split you out of my mouth."

Revelation 3:15-16


 Well here we are on April 16, and another tax day has come and gone.  After years of this being the day I took a huge sigh of relief, it now is just another day.   Some years, I pause and thank God that is all behind me now; but I have had years go by that I literally did not even think about all those  years when this was a day of taking a HUGE breath of relief.  The deadline was past---and life went back to normal after three and a half months of long hours and nose to the grindstone.

Last week, we all experienced the eclipse to some degree.  There was a huge build up in the media to that memorable day.  Some of us were in the full dark in the middle of the day, some were under clouds, and some were inside building with no opportunity to see the view.  Where ever you were and whatever your circumstance--the day is now come and gone---in the blink of an eye.

When I think of all the dates, there are so many I had great anticipation of as I waited for them to roll around.   I think of the birth of my children and grands; Christmas, Thanksgiving, 4th of July, vacations, and a host of other causes for celebration.  And then there are those days which were anticipated but more with dread than joy.  Those days when dear loved ones said there final good byes is the very top of that list.  All to say---there are significant days in our time lines--but when the day has ended---they have come and they are now gone and we are left with only a memory.  Memories are the vapors left when the clock turns over to the next day--the future.

I am so thankful for memories---and all the joy they bring me.  I am also in awe that in God there is no time---he is the past, today and the future all at once.  I cannot help but be curious if when I have crossed over to be in His presence---if I will also be able to be present in every moment of my life.  Idle curiosity which really does not matter--for I will be in the presence of God Almighty and Jesus Christ.  All else--pales once all is come and gone.

"For thus says the One who is high and lifted up,

who inhabits eternity"

Isaiah 57:15


 One morning last week, I was scheduled to drive one of the grands who had early morning band practice to school.  NOW- the really good thing about what I am about to tell you is I am always an early bird.  I don't mind sitting in front of their house and waiting a few minutes and actually prefer it so we are not late.  Once I get there and text I am there-they get into high gear getting out the door.  Lulu is known to give punctuality lectures occasionally.  That and organization are my two favorite topics for the lecture circuit.  Being organized and punctual are HIGH on my list.  OFF THE TOPIC--SORRY!  This particular morning when I tried to start my car---NADA---DEAD AS A HAMMER!  Well actually, it gave a half hearted attempt to no avail.  SO long story short---I still drove him, but his mother had to come get me and I had to take her back home to walk the two littles to their school.  THEN I had to get the car back to her to drive the next one's carpool.  Next year there will be 4 in 4 different schools---it takes a spreadsheet now to keep up with it all--that will really be fun!

So after doing some yard work at #2 son's house, #1 Daughter drove me home and we hooked the battery up to a charger.  Now that there is Youtube--we women can be even more independent when it comes to all those manly jobs and chores.  In all honesty, we did send her hubby a few pictures to be certain it was all hooked up correctly.  SO a few hours of charging and the car starts again.  So I make an appointment at the dealership to have the battery replaced--thinking even if I have to recharge it---I can get there for that needed energy source--the new battery.

That very night  when I went to check if the car would still start--NADA.  So I plug it into the charger for the night--thinking I can get it started  the next morning to keep my appointment.  Morning comes and---DEAD AS A HAMMER!  Desperate times call for desperate measures--I call the dealership.  LONG story short--they have a remote mechanic who is coming to install a new battery.  When he asked if I would be home---my answer---"Well, yes, since I have a dead battery and no way to get going--I will be here."  The car will not start unless it has an energy source to get it going.

I know you know where this is going.  How many mornings have my eyes opened to only think, "I'm exhausted---I just cannot do this today---my get up and go has got up and went."  Exactly like the car---I need an energy source to get my motor running and it's more than coffee.  My day begins with time in The Word--hearing from The Father.  By the time I have finished today's reading I am awake and my motor is running.  He has restored my body--and my soul.  AND just like the remote mechanic, He comes to me--when I call upon HIs name.  Praise God for His faithful presence AND providing remote mechanics!

"The Lord is my strength and my shield;

my heart trust in Him,

and He helps me."

Psalm 28:7


 Once again I am moving soon.  This will be the seventh move in 13 years.  That has to be some kind of record.  I recently told someone who did not know me how many times I have moved and they asked was I in the military.  My reply--"It's a long story." and truthfully I have to really stop to ponder what has precipitated all this moving around.  For most of my life I was stuck like glue to one spot.  After I moved to college in 1966, I was in Ruston in a very few houses.  One house I lived in for 30 years and loved it.  I would still be there today if not for a life altering event.  

For all of you who have lived in one town and a small number of houses in your entire lifetime, I now understand why you call that home.  We all think of home as the place where most of our life has occurred.  I raised my family in that house of 30 years; that made me call it home.  I was never enticed by bigger and better as some are but instead loved the comfort of walls which surrounded my story.  I strongly suspect all my moving has been a quest to recapture that feeling of home.  Each and every house I have lived in (well except for the two apartments) in this 13 years had the potential of being home--but I never recaptured that feeling.  After much thought, I have come up with two conclusions ~

God gives us memories which include those of our homes.  That is a good thing.  I can have something come floating to the surface from long ago and immediately have the warmth spread through me.  If I go back far enough, I remember how I felt when my mother sold the home I grew up in to move to be closer to family when we all settled in Ruston.  I still dream about that house of my childhood.  Though I may not physically still own the house my children were raised in, the memories cannot be taken from me.

The most important thing I have come to believe is truth---all the dwellings on this side of eternity are temporary---including our bodies.  This is all fleeting---as my dear friend, Helen, says, "Hay & Stubble".  Our forever home---the place I will finally feel the warmth and comfort of being surrounded by love is yet to come.  When I leave this terrestrial ball--and all it entails---I will finally truly be home---in the presence of The Father & His Son.  For all of you who have a place you call home--how wonderful!  For those who have felt a quest for the physical presence of a building to call home--do no despair.  

"So we are always of good courage. 

 We know that while we are at home in the body we are away from the Lord, 

for we walk by faith, not by sight. 

Yes, we are of good courage,

 and we would rather be away from the body 

and at home with the Lord.

II Corinthians 5:6-8


 I am a middle child, female, and a mother.  This combination makes me prone to being     "A Fixer".    I once prided myself in being a good listener.  My most recent read has me humbled and realizing while I am listening---I am also going through -in my head---how to help you fix whatever your problem, concern, or hurdle you are facing.  I do not like watching those I love suffering or being in pain.  My immediate go to is remedying the situation.  The truth of the matter is there is not always a remedy ---some things are not fixable.  This causes me great discomfort and I strongly suspect, to my chagrin, might prompt avoidance or fleeing.  That--I am NOT proud of.

I have been challenged to learn to listen---without trying to fix it.  Every ounce of my being wants to cure the problem, remedy the situation, or at a minimum give good advice.  BUT--could it be---my call is to listen without anything more than sympathy, empathy, or great concern?  Can I sit still---keep quiet---and just listen?  As I thought this over, I remembered the great pain I was in when my marriage collapsed.  I was very careful who I talked it over with and quickly learned when to keep my mouth shut.  Those who were willing to sit and listen--help me bear my pain and sorrow by just listening--were the ones who helped me the most.  As I sat there and talked it over---I was verbally processing---coming to terms with the situation.  Is it not true that the therapist's job is to help YOU answer your own questions?   At the end of the day, the best help we can provide is a listening ear.

Even when I am communicating (praying) with God, He is not verbally offering an answer.  He is faithfully sitting with me and letting me process.  Many times He then points in poignant ways to the answer.  He never immediately gives me an answer---instead He listens and patiently and lovingly sits by my side while I grieve, bemoan my sorrow, rant over frustrations, or scream with disbelief.  He can hear my pain, count my tears, and with great tender care provide the ear to hear.  Hopefully I have learned a lesson--though it will take effort to change.  After a lifetime of trying to fix everything---I have learned I was wrong in most cases.  Lord, give me a touch of Your patience to sit and listen-without judgement, without need to expound.  Help me to love as you love us---and listen.

"I wait patiently for the Lord;

He inclined to me and heard my cry."

Psalm 40:1



After weeks of build up, the day finally arrived here in mid-Texas for the long anticipated solar eclipse.  The above video is from the local elementary school where two of my grands attend.  You can see the reaction of the children--screams of wonder, exclamations of awe, running, clapping, and shouting as the moon covers the lifegiving glory of the sun.  As I viewed the video, I had two thoughts~

The reaction of those in the field watching as this seeming miracle of the heavens took place was appropriate as the wonder was experienced.  Through out the ages, since the creation, this wonder has been seen over and over.  From the days when the scientific reason was unknown and great fear from lack of understanding fell over the earth until today when science has unraveled the mystery.  The most important thing I took away is the wonder of God's creation.  How He knew exactly how this would play out and when.  He also knows this will be my last viewing on this side of eternity of this wonder.  What a brilliant God we serve---His creation is amazing---and deserves shouts and screams of amazement.  This solidifies my belief in The Creator God.  Could this be a mere accident--the result of a Big Bang---with all the complexities~ I think not.

As the children expressed their amazement ~ do we stop and exclaim our awe and reverence for God and the gift of this world and all it entails?  Are we willing to lift our voices in praise and wonder to the same God who has witnessed every eclipse He caused---and holds them in the timeless suspense of Him?  Countless stood shoulder to shoulder watching and exclaiming their amazement.  Did we stop and consider Who was the Creator and praise Him?

What a wonderful view--what a glorious day---Thank God we saw His glory in a tangible way and give Him all the praise.

"It is I who made the earth

and created mankind on it.

My own hands stretched out the heavens:

I marshaled their starry hosts."

Isaiah 45:12


This past Sunday, I had to pure unbridled joy of seeing the third of my seven grandchildren baptized.  I told him two things at the end of that eventful day---     

                                  This is the MOST important day of your entire life.

                             God has answered my prayers that He woo you unto Him.

He looked at me and asked what does woo mean?  A good question----his mother was standing by me and quickly said---"Draw you to Him."  Exactly! We are charged with telling our spiritual story when presented the opportunity, but God and His Holy Spirit light the fire of desire to know Him on a personal  basis.  He draws you to Him--He woos you.

Without fail, I have been teary at each of these three baptisms.  Those tears were always tears of joy.  This was the inspiration for today's post.  As I thought over being teary, I realized tears come from different sources.  I have had angry tears, grieving tears, tears from laughter, tears of joy, tears of pain, and tears of the deepest sadness.  Tears seem to be the overflow we experience at times of great emotion.  The well of our feelings spills over into waterfalls of tears.  I then considered,  if the chemical make up of tears was different depending upon the emotion they are connected with.  I am no scientist, but as a person of reason, it would seem physically impossible for tears to have a different chemical composition.  They all come from the same place, so it stands to reason they are the same.  What is different is the emotion which causes that cascading or slow drip from our tear ducts.  Tears are precipitated by intense emotion.  As I grow older, I find it easier and easier to cry.  Having been raised to not show emotion in public, it has been a struggle to let go of  emotion--especially crying.  Today---those stored up tears are always near the surface waiting to spill out in moments of intense happiness or sadness.  

NOW--this leads me to the point of my post.  We are told in The Word

"You have taken account of my wanderings;

Put my tear in Your bottle.

Are they not recorded in Your book?"

Psalm 56:8

The question I have is does God keep only our tears of despair, sadness, grief; or does He also store up our tears of joy?  He is the giver of tears, but we are told the tears from mourning or pain will be no more once the old order of things has passed away.  It seems to imply the tears of joy will still be with us.   Deep thoughts and questions from a heart filled with joy--and eyes brimming with tears.