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Age is a state of mind--and my mind is in quite a state!

Born in a very small town, moved to a bigger small town, and there I stayed for 64 years.  THEN I moved to the BIG CITY!  What a life change this has been!

We are who we are based upon our experiences, our education, and our environment.  My world view is based upon a combination of all these and my faith.

A mother to three, a grandmother to 6 and counting, a sister, and a friend--the relationships in my life are my wealth.  My life is filled with love and blessings.

My very core--my life source--my passion is Jesus.  I write what God places on my heart using the written word to think through life and all it entails.  The Father, The Son, & The Holy Spirit inspire me, guide me, and love me beyond my ability to imagine.

Laugh with me, cry with me, and think with me as we explore life and all it holds.