WHY the blog title THE FINAL CHAPTERS?  I am into my eighth decade on this terrestrial ball.  In case you are not a student of The Word, we are only promised 70 years  and I am now living on borrowed time.  You DO realize no one gets out of this alive?  Finishing Well is now my  Short Term Goal since long term planning is only a figment of my imagination.

Southern to my core- I confess to being an out right introvert who clings to the shadows rather than the spotlight.  With living comes experience and hopefully wisdom.  I am NOT shy about sharing what God has been teaching me.  A student of mankind ~ obsessive thinker ~ prolific reader ~ good listener ~ I take my blogs from everyday life and what I come across as I trek down the path.  Always searching for a good laugh, and not shy about laughing at myself, I hope to occasionally bring a smile to your face.

Short is sweet and this bio is proof in the pudding.  Who really cares about all the other details?  Most of it will come out in my opining anyway.  You can make my day by commenting or asking to discuss a subject.  Writers love readers.  Please be my reader.