It wasn't enough to gorge ourselves with turkey and all the trimmings Thursday and yesterday----today we have spent the day cooking!

DIL---and #2 baked the scratch cake shown---with layers of strawberries and whipped cream---and yummy light cake.  They used EVERY bowl in the kitchen---BUT OH SO WORTH THE MESS!

Then #1 and I spent the day making Lulu's famous chili!  He is becoming quite the cook!  You should have seen his eyes when I taught him the measuring in the palm of your hand.  After I gave him a demonstration, he couldn't wait to do the same trick.  #2 (Mr. EXACT-O) said, "We have measuring spoons."  I explained measuring spoons were for baking----COOKING was by the seat of your pants---OR the palm of your hand.

We ate 1/2 a stock pot of chili---SO it MUST have been pretty good!  LOVE cooking with my family!

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