My quest for a pony tail has finally been answered!  ALL DAY today I have had my hair up in a pony tail----it started with putting it up for my 5:30 AM run----AND it only requires 3 clips to keep it up now---I've come a LONG WAY since I started out with about 6 to keep it up a month or so ago.  I gave the Olympic gymnastics a run for their money when it came to the number of clips.

I have had a BUSY BUSY day----but through it all---the pony tail stayed in place with no rehashing putting it up.  I've lusted after all my friends---and non-friends easy hair-do's--it just looked SO SIMPLE and CAREFREE

WELL---I have arrived---my own pony tail- be it ever so short--only thing is---here I was thinking all the fast girls had pony tails---I was wrong---I'm NO FASTER---still just muddling along putting one foot in front of the other---but MY TAIL IS SWISHING BEHIND ME!

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