I LOVE the stimulation of working!  I worked with a new client today----a rural health care agency.  It gave me pause to think about our current state of health care.

If you live "In the City"---there are MANY options and MANY doctors.  The fact is that most doctors---due to level of technology---support---and even economic reasons--prefer to work in large cities.  If you are fortunate to live in the large city---AND have good health insurance---you have MANY options to select from.

We are NOT a large city here in Ruston, but we do have options--and a high level of technology for an area of this size.  We don't have the cutting edge in latest finds---newest treatments---but we have many doctors and a good hospital.

When you live in a rural area--you are not so fortunate.  I learned today that many that live in these rural areas are suffering from many and varied illnesses and conditions. They see a nurse practitioner who is backed by one physician.  I am NOT debasing the NP or the GP that provides her backup===BUT the fact is the level of care afforded by living in a large community with specialists on every corner and large MEGA hospitals and research facilities is not available in Rural America.

It was eye-opening and enlightening---thankfully with governmental assistance---they do have this level of care--I'm not sure they would even have what they do if not.  I am not sure the nationalization of health care is the answer is the answer---in fact it is NOT the answer---BUT I am not sure is what is.

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