After a long 10 days of no internet, thanks to AT&T, I am once again "hooked up" to the WWW.  You will be glad to know, I will once again get back on my schedule of proof reading these posts before they are published for you.  It has been an interesting period of time, and though not completely unhooked, since we have 5G here in Fort Worth, I was limited--no television and no computer.  It felt like I had been thrown back into my past and that was not necessarily a bad thing.  Though I try to limit my time in the black hole of the WWW, it still can feel like I have fallen into the rabbit hole with no end when I start surfing.  It can be a HUGE waste of time!

As I was thinking about --touch---I pondered on what Hero's walks look like these days (Welcome to my world of loose association)  .  We are able to have a normal walk early in the AM--sometime around 6, because the sun has not been heating up the roads and sidewalks.  For the rest of the day, I have to carry him between shady stretches.  The surfaces are so hot they will burn his paws if I am not careful.  The final walk of the day is done in the shady grassy areas at the park about a block away. 


AND my final round of loose association - my grandchildren used to play a game they called "Hot Lava".  I believe it came from a television or video show they watched.  Basically they set the room up with things they can jump on to stay off the floor.  You see the floor is hot lava---if you fall into the hot lava--you are out of the game.  Last man - perched - out of the hot lava wins.  They spent many an hour, when they were smaller, playing this loud and rambunctious game.

This brought me to pondering how all of us can sometimes be in hot water---treading through the minefield -if you will.  We launch off into an area we know is dangerous---could possibly even be fatal--thinking we can avoid the pitfalls of the danger around us.  Before you know it we have lost our balance and we are falling and in grave peril of losing ourselves in the pit.  Once we begin to slip--without intervention we are headed for trouble.  I am so thankful for a God who is watching out for us---willing to rescue us---if we only give Him our hand.  He is our Savior in more ways than the "Eternal Way".  Our strong fortress, our defender, our rock--the God of the Angel Armies will come to our aid---call upon Him.

"God of the Angel Armies,

who is like You,

powerful and faithful from ever angle?"

Psalm 89:8

(The Message)


  1. That's a game I hadn't heard of before, Lulu, but it sounds like great fun for kids, not to mention a wonderful analogy for NOT getting ourselves into hot water. Let's hang on tightly to our Father's hands!

    1. It is a Johnny Come Lately in the game department and came from some video or show on the WWW. YES- trying to stay out of hot water!


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