SO---being the professional woman that I am---I put on my POWER GIRL pants and went to a meeting with the CEO of a multi-state----multi-division BIG Company this morning to talk about doing some contract work for them.  I am feeling confident and trying to talk a good game---with him and his CFO---a young professional woman. 

Leave there and go to another meeting with my newest client and spend an hour talking high level finances--including budgets---computer program capabilities and various other "Accounting VooDoo" that I would explain to you---but then I would have to kill you---It's ALL high level secrets!

Leave this meeting and look in the rear view mirror as I am backing up----my lipstick looks like a 3 year old put it on---REALLY!  Am I BLIND???  It is in a major wad on one side and hardly on the other side.  WHAT must these people have thought.  Something like "Poor Old Lady---her vision must be going!"


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