I spent the day trying to finish getting ready for my trip West next week----but in the back of my mind---I KNOW that today is the 12th day---the last day---Would the Elves reveal themselves---Would it remain a mystery?

Not long after dark and after all the Christmas lights had automatically come on---the doorbell rings.  THERE ARE THE ELVES---AN ENTIRE FAMILY OF THEM!

They came in---I gushed---they gushed over the decorations---we visited and they brought the last of the Elf Gifts:

A wonderful bowl of fruit with this Rhyme attached:

"On the twelfth day of Christmas Twelve fruits you'll find in here,

Sent with love and the hope we've brought a touch of cheer.

And as a final note we add, 'Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.' "

I was totally surprised---I had suspected someone from church, but I must admit had NOT considered this family--after all they are BUSY PEOPLE!

That made it even more special!

Merry Christmas ---Chris, Tracy, Manning, Max & Myles Bennett-----YOU MADE MY CHRISTMAS!

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