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Sunday, December 9, 2012


WELL---in an interesting turn of events---today the elf/elves did NOT bring something with the count of 9---INTERESTING!

I made my usual Sunday rounds---left for early services, taught the 3 year old class where the answer is ALWAYS   "JESUS"---had lunch with friends---

I came home to find the cutest cloth Christmas bag with a beautiful net bow (NOW DOESN'T ALL THIS SOUND LIKE A FEMALE?)

Here is today's rhyme:

"On the ninth day of Christmas we know you're on the run. (MUST KNOW MY Sunday Schedule)

So we want you to stop, relax, and have a chew of gum."

Inside the bag was a Christmas pack of gum.

HUMMM---no longer counting the number of items,  still a we,  knows my schedule---

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