I've been at my home---all day today---running tomorrow---SO I had a visit from a "Christmas Elf".  Cannot figure out how this happened and I didn't know someone was here---UNLESS it was while I was in the backyard picking off frost bitten leaves from my jasmine---one at a time (Carol of the OCD).

I had the nicest surprise when I went out my backdoor to get the mail.  There was a foil wrapped package with a bow and a tag.  The tag reads:

"The Twelve Days of Christmas

On the first day of Christmas I've often heard it said

It's nice to give someone you love a loaf of homemade bread."

AWWW---someone does love me!  I am thinking through who could have been so sweet---has to be a baker---that narrows down the field---AND of course someone that loves me---What's more important.

SO----Little Elf----THANK YOU---for helping me remember what Christmas is all about!

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