It's not easy being 3!  Today's range of emotions went from---

Arms spread out as far as they would reach-
"Lulu, I love you this much!"  and then a huge hug---this was early this morning---perhaps the blueberry muffins got me some points and the fact that I will sit with the big boys in my lap and watch tractor videos and cartoons in Korean for what seems hours.

To coming home from a morning of hard play with Daddy, Momma & brother-

Slamming the door of his bedroom in my face and telling me,
"YOU CANNOT COME IN HERE!"  We had to have a little talk after that!

I always take into account--how tired he is---but tired is no excuse and being unkind to others is certainly not acceptable.  So we had to talk about the consequences if he didn't let me in and then why we don't yell at people and asking nicely works much better.  I told him that I didn't mind him being in his room without me---just ask me in a nice way.

THANK THE LORD---for nap time and a regroup.

Camille and I have talked about how hard it is to learn to self-regulate when you are FULL of energy and especially a little boy.  He's a sweetie --even when he's a pill!

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