A couple of observations in the lives of the 3 Boys---

#1 is not jealous of the baby at all and is even SO sweet to "Baby".  Seems strange since he will not hesitate to plow down his younger brother at a moment's notice.  When I would ask him before the baby was born what his brother's name was going to be he would say "Pootie".  We would crack up and it became a regular question to get the laugh.  His first day back at mother's day out, when asked by his teacher what his new baby brother's name was, OF COURSE, he responded "Pootie".  The story was repeated by the teacher in front of all the other moms when Camille picked up that day.  All eyes turned to Camille when the teacher inquired, "Is that his name?"

#2 ignores the baby for the most part.  It has finally dawned on him that he is not getting the attention from his Mom that he has been.  A couple of days ago during the time that Camille was feeding #3, # 2 had a slight melt down over something.  He looked at his Mom and said "Lulu Baby"---in other words give that baby to Lulu and YOU pick ME up!

The really FUN new toy the boys have discovered and spent time playing with---the breast pump----that's really all that needs the said about their fascination with it and all that concerns it.

Camille is doing great and survived the first 36 hour "Alone" trial quite well.  Soon she will be on her own, and she is already pushing for a quicker move for me to Fort Worth.   PRESSURE!

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  1. She is going to be so happy and relieved to have you over there. Grandmothers are a wonderful help. Two babies are quite demanding; I can't imagine having three little ones without daily help!


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