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Thursday, January 17, 2013


DEEP DOWN---WAY DOWN----at the bottom of it all---we just want to be wanted!  We all want someone to love us--cherish us---smile when they see us drive up.  That's my experience here in Fort Worth.  Driving back after another flying trip---this time 28 hours,  Mr Elliot ran to my car at the end of their drive to greet me with "LULU!!!"---he had to climb in the car and ride the 30 feet to my parking spot (NOT IN THE GRASS).  MELT MY HEART!!!  

NOW the news-----I have a contract on my house---it has a contingency---BUT move is coming---it's really real!  I have SO missed my friends while here---NOW it looks like my missing will be permanent!  The good news--the work I have lined up that I will have to be in Ruston for----It's ONLY a short drive and ALL on interstate!

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  1. Congrats on the contract! I hope everything goes smoothly with your transition to Fort Worth. I know those babies will love having you there!


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