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Monday, February 4, 2013


Many of us want to start again---do it over---have another chance----here is what I have learned.  To start again--1st you must tear down what is already there.  Important life lesson that pertains to MANY parts of our lives.

I want a fresh start---a new beginning---but to accomplish that I am having to wade through what has been---keep what is important to who I am---but discard that which will not help me forge ahead.  I started that process 18 months ago--I am now fine tuning it.  It's not as gut wrenching as it was then--but it is sad.  I am tearing down the life I have known here for 40 years--it has to be done--before I can start again and grow. 

One of the things you learn as an athlete--that to move forward and gain strength---FIRST the muscle must be pushed to the point that it is torn down---THEN a MIRACLE---it grows and you become stronger!

SO--I am pushing to the point of tearing down--SO that I can become stronger and move forward---THAT IS A GOOD THING!

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