When I grow up---I want to be a    "Life Manager"---

I have LOADS of information and skills acquired over a life time of living and "taking care of business."  I can talk insurance with you, contracts with you, servicemen, carpenters, remodeling, finances, taxes, selecting professionals, budgets, pay your bills, hire your gardener/housekeeper/nannie, consult with you on your investments, make your appointments, handle your insurance claims, ---almost ANY business detail you could think of as well as plan your diet/meals and exercise program.  I would be select and only provide services for a handful AT THE MOST---you pay me enough--I will do it just for you.  I could manage your life---down to the smallest detail.
LOTS of experience---head full of knowledge---plenty of acquired wisdom.

Only thing I don't have a good track record with is  "Relationships with Significant Others"---You are ON YOUR OWN----I respectfully bow out of that area of "Life".

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