Sometimes from out of the blue--when you least expect it---life throws a gut punch at you---it leaves you surprised and gasping--bent double in pain and wondering "Where did  that come from?"  

There are two options at that point--you can stay down for the count---vow this is it---I've had it---hide in the closet---run out in the street screaming---put your head under the pillow and never come out---moan and groan and gaze at your navel--which I allow myself to do for short periods of time

OR--after those short periods--you can take a DEEP BREATHE----count to 10--analyze how this happened---wipe your tears and suck it up---and continue to move forward---asking God for the strength to make the next step-----ALL FORWARD MOTION COUNTS!

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  1. Hang in there, Loralu. I meant to tell you when I commented on you bluebonet post that we have a blog of our travels :


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