The day started with attending another church here in Fort Worth---determined to seek God's will in where He wants me and plans to use me---I purposefully declined one of Camille's friends invitations to attend her church with her family----no crutches---just looking for His leading.  I sat in the middle of a row---in the back middle of the center section.  The worship was good--the message about community--a little disappointing to me--but this is NOT about me and maybe some need to hear how important fellowship is for Believers.  So I left---not one person said a word to me---a smile from the greeter--that's it.  I left disappointed and wondering if I would ever find a church home.

THEN---I get home and a dear friend texts me that they need prayer---I go to the scripture and find the right scripture to pray for them.  Spend time in prayer---and asking God for grace for this Godly friend.

Then I receive an email asking for prayer from a long time--wonderful friend---that has borne much suffering, strife, heart-break--struggles.  Once again they are facing another crisis--they asked for prayer--I went back to the scripture--prayed for this sweet friend.

THEN---to make sure I understood He was using me for intercession---I had a feeling that I should check on another long term friend.  I have not heard from them in a while--thought things were fine--but God gave me a nudge.  Upon contacting them, I found out they are in the hospital with congestive heart failure, a broken hip and heart rhythm problems.  NOW--they did not contact me---I just knew--Every time I have been nudged to contact them---there has been a need for prayer.  When I asked why they had not contacted me--the response was "I did not want to bother you".  I gave them Romans 15:30---where even Paul asked for others to pray for him.  Reminded them it is a blessing to pray for others--and to not deny that blessing.

All this to say---God hears me--He knows I am lonesome--ALL in His perfect time--my prayers will be answered.  I John 5:14-15

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