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Sunday, March 31, 2013


I attended Easter Sunday services alone here in Austin today.  My children and grands are involved in other areas during the service---so I sat alone.  It's Easter Sunday---the church was full-the overflow room upstairs was full and the tent adjacent to the worship center was full.  It was an awesome---wonderful Easter service.  It thrills my heart that they are exposed to inspired teaching and inspirational worship.  I love seeing grown men---in the attitude of praise.

I am learning a lesson though in "Aloneness".  This is my third service in a church full of people when I know NOT ONE SOUL.  It has taken a lot of courage to cross those thresholds alone and before today--I was often circling back to my feeling of being alone--even when shoulder to shoulder with a crowd.  Today--I finally "Got It"--what God has been trying to show me---It is NOT about community---though He encourages us to be in fellowship---it IS ALL ABOUT HIM!  When there is no one around you to distract you--when your thoughts and eyes are pointed toward worship---HE IS THERE!  I am never alone---HE IS ALWAYS WITH ME--even in the midst of the connected multitudes--I am NOT alone---HE IS BY MY SIDE!  

So why do you attend worship---is it about who you are with--who you will see---OR is it all about Him?  He is teaching me to truly be attuned to His presence and turn toward Him in Praise and Worship---for who He is--THE GREAT I AM!


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