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Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Today I took Mona for a tour of the AT&T store and the Apple Store.  Her I Phone decided to have a conniption fit and loose ALL of her contacts just before she left for Fort Worth.  She is in the Big City--there is someone here to solve EVERY problem--all you have to do is figure out WHO that someone is and THEN find out WHERE they are.  NOT TO WORRY---I AM ON IT!

We then went to one of the cities wonderful deli/bakery shops-McKinley's Fine Bakery----Corn/Potato Chowder ( I must say NOT as good as mine--NO BRAG--JUST FACT!) and 1/2 a jalapeno/cheddar pimento sandwich.  It was great--but next trip---SKIP THE WHOLESOME FOOD---GO STRAIGHT TO THE BAKERY!  I saw a piece of carrot cake that--well WHAT WAS I THINKING--passing on dessert!

This afternoon we met #3/#4/#5 Grand and #1 daughter at the Fort Worth Zoo---it is a GREAT ZOO--the best part--well beyond the fact that Wednesday's are 1/2 price day---was seeing Mona enjoying the zoo.  I LOVE the excitement and wonder she shows over any new experience--from the time we toured Disney World after our marathon---until today's zoo experience. She makes me back up and remember the wonder of what we are seeing.  

AWESOME DAY!  Now for Lora's Mexican Cornbread & Brownies for dessert--

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