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Monday, March 18, 2013


Having a difficult time getting those projects done?  Feeling over-whelmed by all that you have stacked around you to get done?  Call me---I seem to have the gift of giving guilt---

We ALL work best under different conditions---I make lists---LOTS OF LISTS----lists of the lists I am keeping.  THERE SHALL BE NO COMMENTS FROM MY JAMES RELATIVES!   I celebrate marking things off my lists!  I keep the same list until EVERYTHING is marked off the list---WeLL--let me back-track--occasionally I have to make a new list with a carry over item or two--LONG TERM projects!  I like to start a project and finish that same project before moving on.  For obvious reasons--sometimes we can't finish an item on our list---but that is OK--I can handle that frustration.

SO my Inn Keeper-here in R---Helen --is a very talented person with MANY talents.  She has projects scattered all over the room that are in various stages--some almost finished-some part way---some not even started.  I asked her today, "What is that green pile by your couch?"  She told me it was a CHRISTMAS QUILT that ONLY needed binding to finish.  She told me she would get to it and that the binding was already half way on.  I REALLY REALLY only said , "Oh".

Within 15 minutes she is clearing away the other projects around the sewing machine and when I asked what she was doing.  She told me that she was going to finish that quilt.  I PROMISE --I did not say another thing---WELL MAYBE I did say---We work very different--I normally finish a project before moving on.  ANYWAY---I may have ALL her projects finished before I leave in May..  SO you need an old fashioned dose of guilt-----CALL ME--I am available!

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