Sister in law, Nancy--is Guest #2 at the Hacienda in the Sky.  Here I am thinking I am the Queen of Obtaining Social Histories"---she may have out done me today.  The house my apartment is in is being painted---HURRAH!  BUT the painters have LOTS of cars and vehicles--which has created parking problems.  The houses on each side of this one are vacant--not sure why--but maybe Nancy could explain now.  ANYWAY--I told Nancy--feel free to park in the drive next door-no one is there.

I am cooking supper for The Jennings & us and look out the kitchen window--there is someone next door where Nancy is parked.  She heads out to move her car after I tell her the neighbor seems to have appeared.  THIRTY minutes later---Nancy finally comes back upstairs---every time I look out--Nancy is nodding and the lady is talking---turns out she got ALL the POOP!

So it seems Neighbor Mrs M---owns the house where Nancy is parked--she left her cats there and comes back to feed them.  There seems to have been a fire in her house and she moved to her "other house" across from her son and granddaughter.  She said this is a great neighborhood and she loves it here-but she didn't explain why she is not here anymore.

She then tells Nancy that the house on the other side of this one--which is also vacant-is owned by Mrs. B---Mrs. B moved to a house which she shares with her granddaughter--she lives on the top floor and the granddaughter below her.  

Both houses are in serious need of repair--AND the houses in this area rent for top dollar--SO--WHY?  

Mrs. M and Mrs. B don't like my landlady--whom I really like --but for some reason they don't all get along.  My landlady told me that the other neighbors were waiting for TCU to swoop in and buy their property for a high price--but she was going to collect income on her property and not count on something that might never happen.

THIS SOUNDS LIKE Small town drama--here in the big city.  When Nancy came in and gave me her report---I laughed and laughed--turns out we are all just "Small Town Folks"!

SO you need a social history?---Call Nancy--she is the NEW QUEEN!

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