I HAVE told you that I live half a block from TCU--YES?  The path to the grocery, restaurants, etc is directly through the campus of TCU.  The sidewalk in front of my house is the path from many of the apartments, parking lots, etc to the campus.  I have a direct view of the students going to and from class.  I also walk to the store etc. from here.  I am watching and observing and taking in what the current dress is and the habits of the young.  First thing I need is a pair of black tights--I think I have some--but need to dig them out--they are the dress to go to any time the weather is cool.  You wear them under anything or just by themselves!  I am SUCKING IN THE AROMA of the young!

I have my first LA guest---Mona is here for a few days.  I have taken her in the short walking tour today --longer tour coming in the morning---GLAD she has her walking shoes with her!

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