In my perpetual quest to get-stay in shape---I went for my 5 miles this morning.  I have decided to explore new territory--and went West instead of East this morning.  The cowboy above is roughly 3 blocks from my apartment--going West.  I saw him as I headed North and admired his rough manly beauty---I headed through the University West neighborhood--went by a road crew after a few blocks---and kept on going---Strange--but there seemed to be another crew working a few blocks away---and these guys looked a lot like the first group---but you know --put an orange vest on and they all look alike.

Then I saw another cowboy statute which looked very similar to the one I had passed a mile plus ago ---WELL this is Texas---there are cowboys in Texas----I kept on trucking---made another neighborhood street or two and then got on the TCU exercise trail---next thing I know--there is another bronze cowboy---I always thought I knew where I was going---but it turns out the streets are not on a square here--I guess like many towns built on a river the streets follow the lay of the river. I have seen the same statue and the same work crew 3 times---

The cowboy---well he is my Cowboy Angel---the points me to the way home--not unlike the Angels God provides us on our journey this side of Paradise.

Sidenote---Runners---I actually ran a mile and then a couple more 1/2s during this morning's 5---I AM COMING BACK---ever so slowly!

I have over night guests again--Camille & Collin are spending the night--she was glad to share the Roasted Red Pepper/Alfredo-Pesto Chicken Pasta that I prepared.  LOVE having someone to cook for!

NOW--I need to go think about a name for my cowboy!

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