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Friday, April 5, 2013


I have a friend that has insinuated that perhaps someone should be my "Boss"!  HUMM---well this began the wheels turning today as I worked in my yard.

First thought---I am not really particularly "Bossable"-I have been on the other end of that stick most of the time.  Ask my children--my running group--my small group--my volunteers--I can boss with the best of them.  MOST of the time--people listen--I boss with finesse---politeness--AND since I am VERY organized and a planner---it works for the best of most---MOST of the time.  

There are SOME that do not listen to me---MY CHILDREN---BUT in the typical James fashion---we are very passive aggressive about defiance--we just don't say anything and do what we intended without a comment--JUST IGNORE YOU!  NOW---Dr Son In Law--seems to find GREAT satisfaction in getting in my face and telling me I am not in charge--etc etc etc.  As I wrote in a long ago post when H was born---I was ASTOUNDED when he did that the first time---NO ONE had ever done it before.  I found it pretty funny --but ALSO got the last laugh over his defiance when he had to yell "Calf Rope"!

BUT--the mystery to me is that ANYONE would even CARE to be the "Boss Of Me"!  I am amazed that you would not know that might be a pretty impossible job!  

THEN--the wheels kept turning and I remembered who had taught me lesson after lesson about who TRULY IS THE BOSS OF ME---GOD!  He has made me eat my words such as "I will never" TIME AFTER TIME.  It's like He is up there listening to everything I say and then going "We"ll See About That!"  YEP--He's the Boss of Me---and I might add---an excellent boss---THE BEST!

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