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Friday, April 26, 2013


I started the day by taking "Wilson"--Helen's BAD DOG---(he's a puppy)--for a walk of over a mile--killed two birds with one stone---limbered up my injured ankle that I have been resting--and wore his butt out!  I must admit--he might have walked as fast--maybe faster than I did.

I then loaded up BB and headed to the park---walked 5 1/2 miles with 20 #s on my back.  It gave me a good excuse to cry.  If you see me with that big pack--you just naturally assume I am in pain---I am--NOT PHYSICAL!

There was a time that I crawled in the cave during difficult emotional times---I crawled in the cave--that I call home.  Only thing is--right now---I don't think I have a home--I am still in flux--betwixt and between.  SO I have no cave---to disappear into---check out the Bible---that was the original cave hiding story---today--the trail sufficed as the place to reflect---mourn--and cry over what I am leaving---how life has turned out.

I always crawl back out of my cave---I know I am blessed---blessed with LOADS of great friends--that I am leaving SOON---a wonderful 47 years in Ruston--that I am leaving-- a marriage that I thought would last until death do us part--it didn't---I will get over it--I will do the next right thing---but it's OK to Cry on the trail!

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