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Thursday, May 16, 2013


My bags are packed---I've said LOTS of Good Byes---given lots of hugs---

Final day at all my schools---hugged my "Little Reader"

Met with my sweet realtor---gave her the keys and garage door opener and instructions for the closing I will not be coming home for---said Good Bye to my sweet house that I  wish I could move to Fort Worth.

Drove by some of my favorite places---including the house I spent almost 30 years in --

My head knows--I will come back and visit---but my heart knows---it will not ever be truly the same---the life I have know for 3/4 of my life---is gone and I am leaving my home....I have to start over.

SO--The L O N G Goodbye is over----time to move down the road---time to find a new normal.    I keep thinking---"How did this happen?"---but the reality is it did and I am leaving to try to move forward. THANK YOU, RUSTON & LOUISIANA----You will always be home and I will always love you---My body may be in Texas---but my heart will always be with You!

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