After a LESS than good night's sleep--following 3 AM shenanigans in front of my place---I have had my first full day in Fort Worth.  I plan to buy a Q beam spotlight----the next time someone is repetitively honking the horn and yelling at the top of their lungs in the middle of the night---I intend to give them a little surprise!  

I got up fairly early and took a walk with BB.  I explored another section of the beautiful downtown neighborhoods today--including University West---Colonial---and some of Tanglewood.  While walking through Colonial, I noticed LOTS of activity--there is a HUGE golf tournament starting Monday.  BEAUTIFUL neighborhood and BEAUTIFUL country club.

Before starting my hike though, I discovered one of my neighbors is the Google Earth car---hope you are my facebook friend and saw the photo.  Plan to meet this person---would LOVE to have my picture in front of various Google Earth photos.  Someone suggested having a red umbrella--my trademark---TOO FUNNY---WHO IS THAT WOMAN WITH THE RED UMBRELLA IN FRONT OF ALL THESE ADDRESSES?

Ran by to see my sweet boys tonight and tomorrow I start active duty help while Dr. Daddy is out of town.  MEANWHILE---I have been praying that God would show me how He would like to use me here.  Found out one of Camille's friends has a wall that she removed wallpaper from and it is a mess--NOT my favorite job---but God is laughing----BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU PRAY FOR!

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