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Tuesday, May 14, 2013


I am NOT Brave-----scared to death

I am NOT an inspiration---just doing what God seems to keep confirming is the right thing----as late as last night I got yet another confirmation.

I am NOT selfless---have my eyes glued to my navel a LOT!

I am NOT in good shape---at the current moment---I may be in the worst shape of my life

I could go on and on--but you get the idea--my feet are made of clay and I live in the same fallen world that you do!

BUT I CAN count on God to continue to scrape me off the floor---peel me off the ceiling---dry my tears after he has counted them all---Love me BEYOND my wildest imagination.

2 days---and working part of Thursday---called back to my last consulting job while the sweet lady that took over is out for her mother's surgery.  God is trying to keep me busy---I am grateful!  Can NOT believe the LONG Good Bye is almost over!

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