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Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Whipper Snapper decided to roll his garbage out at 1:00 AM----NOT quietly---and THEN he slams his front door---directly under my bedroom.  This morning when I wake up early---I notice there is another car parked in our parking spots behind the house--a BRIGHT orange cute little VW bug.   NOW something tells me--no male would be caught dead in this cute little "Girlie" car.   HUMMM!!!---Wheels are turning----

SO just as I would have done with my OWN children---I stomped around ---ran the vacuum---played some Christian music---LOUD---in general---tried to make sure THEY were awake before I left EARLY this AM to help with the Jennings crew.  NONE of my business--but Whipper Snapper's mother is not here---and I KNOW she would appreciate my help!

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