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Thursday, May 30, 2013


If you know me well---if you know ANY runners---well then you know there is a serious streak of OCD that is part of the personality package we all possess.  I am NOT running at the moment---since I am training for my hiking trip---BUT I am going for walks/hikes every day.  While living and running in Ruston---we ALWAYS ran the same 5 mile routes---a different one for each of the days we ran--but ALWAYS the same route.  I moved here--and thought---HEY--it's time to make a new start and drop the old OCD habit!

I purposefully just wandered around----different neighborhoods---never with a plan---just struck off walking.  It didn't take long for me to discover a path that began at my front door---and made exactly one mile---most of the time---I would just save that for the beginning or ending of my trek.  THEN--somehow (I may have homing pigeon genes)---I discovered a route that was exactly 5 miles from my front door and back again---it involves combining a couple of areas nearby--but the first day I made the discovery---I was pretty amazed.  THEN I realized I was doing that SAME 5 mile route everyday----BACK TO OLD HABITS!

While trying to decide how I could get past my OCD tendencies----I thought about one of those shock collars you put on a dog--the dog wears it to keep them in a certain area---I could wear it to keep me from staying in the same area.  It would work something like---I get on the OCD 5 mile path---an electrical shock would be zap me back into consciousness--I would do a couple of flips---beat out my smoldering hair---and turn another way.  I think it might work----if not---I deserve the shock I get!

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