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Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Somehow---I've managed to get through 64 years and NEVER---BEFORE TODAY---being TOTALLY over-whelmed in a grocery story---BUT today I met my over-whelmer----

Meet the NEIMAN MARCUS of groceries!  It has EVERYTHING---you can dream up----well as long as your NOT looking for the practical groceries in life---NO Lucky Charms---Kool Whip--White Bread----NOPE---BUT every thing in the produce, seafood, meat, gourmet coffees---bins upon bins of nuts, dried fruits, etc., cheese---$300+ mushrooms--foreign and domestic----prepared or raw---entire meals ready to go--I could just go ON AND ON.
If you happened to be there today---I was the one with their mouth hanging open trying to decide what in the world to buy---I left with half a shopping bag--for $50+--and the feeling of a lone bird in a 20 acre berry patch---

I had already discovered this--

which is more of a "Boutique Grocery" feel to it.  LOTS of fresh--organic--prepared and not- groceries--AND a little over-whelming---but not over the top.  The size reminded me of the grocery stores when I was growing up---more of a neighborhood feel to it.  

NOW---for the regular ---everyday grocery needs---I have found the Tom Thumb --10 minutes away and a Kroger that is within walking distance.  LOTS of choices--the one downside---groceries are more expensive in the "Big City"----I would have thought the opposite---but what do I know!

SO NEXT trip---I plan to go with something in mind---and not a blank slate for a brain---that will be a refreshing change!

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