Where OH Where is Prince Charming?  All of us girls KNOW what we need Prince Charming for----such things as trips to the DREADED DMV----today was the day---I finally bit the dust and took the next step to becoming a "Real Texan!"  I now am the official owner of TEXAS license plates---TWO OF THEM!  YOU DO KNOW---they have one on the front and one on the back in Texas--don't you?  That's in case you speed while in reverse!

ANYWAY---it's REALLY quite different here in the BIG STATE---than in Louisiana---there is NO DMV----GASP!!  Instead first you go get your car inspected--the the tune of $40+---AND they REALLY inspect your car.  Mohammad---whose establishment I was fortunate to select---gave it a thorough inspection---I began to wonder if he was checking for IED's--SORRY--just couldn't resist.  Mohammad was not very friendly--in fact perhaps aloof---infidel woman that I am in the beginning--but after 45 minutes of inspection---he said,
"Welcome to Texas!".  Surprisingly I do believe that is the FIRST official welcome I have had.

NOW it's time to go to the County Tax Collector--who collects the fees and issues the plates.  This office is downtown---AND--I mean in the dead center of the town!  I made my first trip--"Downtown" and could not locate the street the Tax Collector is on---NOW perhaps YOU think I was lost---but NO--I KNEW where I was---it was the Tax Collector that was lost---or it's location was unknown.  

I came home---looked up simpler directions-SO I THOUGHT---and I DID FIND IT---BUT parking is a REAL problem "Downtown"---so I once again misplaced the office while wandering around "Downtown" trying to find parking.   LONG STORY---short---I finally got parked--got in the door--or so I thought--ONLY after going through the body scanner and searching device to be told-"OH that building is across the street".  FINALLY get where I am going---AND GUESS WHAT!  THEY HAVE PLENTY OF PEOPLE TO HELP YOU AND IT ONLY TOOK 20 minutes including the 5 minute wait.  Louisiana could come over here and take lessons!


NOW--the next step is the DREADED DRIVER'S LICENSE BUREAU!!!

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