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Wednesday, June 12, 2013


I am greatly encouraged today---God is moving to answer the prayers of many including my sweet friend, Mona's entire church body.  I am moving closer to finding a church home.  I am thankful!

I emailed the women's ministry pastor at the church I have attended the past 3 Sunday's and asked would she meet with me and talk.  We had lunch together today and I knew from the first time I heard her pray that I would love her and I do.  A genuine woman--who puts on NO pretenses and plays no games and knows how difficult life can be---but totally puts her faith in the ONLY ONE that truly knows us---we hit if off instantly.

I decided when I moved--that I would share only the bare necessities of why I am here and NOT any details.  Trying to move on---means just that--moving on without rehashing any of the story--leaving it behind.  It has made me part of whom I am---but it is not any different from other life events---it is just part of my story.  So I explained that to her from the very beginning and she honored my request and we only talked in generalities about that part of my life. 

We talked about what I thought my gifts were and where I might be able to use them in this church.  She gave me some suggestions---promised to contact me about some of the possibilities, and give me ideas about how to get plugged in.  I shared that I was praying for patience and that God would use this time of idleness to draw me closer--as I slowly feel my way around in new territory.

The pastor at this church is a very gifted communicator and a truth teller---that was my first criteria for a church--hearing the truth.  I like the women's minister tremendously---NOW to begin to see if I can "Plug In" into a huge church in a large city--but for now I am encouraged and thankful for all of you that have prayed!

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