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Saturday, June 29, 2013


I will admit that I was nervous about coming back to Ruston---not sure what this would look like---coming back to the town that has been my home for 47 years.  As I neared the city limits while driving in from my Austin trip, it felt like home---but then the reality---I am here, but I do not have a home here.

Saw loads of friends---hugs all around--lots of talking and laughing---and with most--we picked up where we left off.  If I just had a nest---it would have seemed as if I had just been on a trip to visit the grands.  Some things have changed--I told friends when I left---we will always love each other--but it is going to be different--since we don't have that day to day connection anymore.  It has been such a short time-only 5 weeks--that for the most part--I didn't feel that yet.

So I loved being in R--but the time came to go back to my new home--which does not really feel like home yet.  Part of the reason for that--I live in an apartment---not really "My Nest"---the other part---lack of connections and history--that can only be overcome with time.  So for the time being---I live in Limbo Land--between my old home and what will become my home---just for now--I am in the wilderness searching!

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