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Sunday, June 23, 2013


I've spent the past week---thinking and praying----pondering what I should do about my writing.  I mentioned on Facebook---that I thought I had a book in me and a few of you encouraged me and asked for a copy.  I've always thought if I wrote a book--it would be fiction--perhaps loosely based upon fact--but fiction.  As I have prayed this week about what do do about my future writing---God impressed upon me to write a book---but He says Non-Fiction.  Color me blown away!

In the past, I have shared that when I grow up, I would like to be a "Life Coach".  I was encouraged in that dream, recently when the Women's Minister asked would I be a mentor to younger women.  I have spent some time with the young women--trying to impart some wisdom in the past and always loved the relationships.  BUT now God is pointing me in the direction of writing about surviving grief.  I prefer writing humorously and there can be humor in the survival of loss---but LOTS of serious talk too.  So I am pondering this over---got some ideas bubbling to the top.  NOW--many of you will say--I am not grieving--well if you aren't now---IT IS COMING--HOLD ON TO YOUR SEAT BELT!

NOW--how can you help?  I need feedback--I need to know who is reading this monologue---for after all---to me it is a monologue.  WOULD YOU CONSIDER--if you are not already registered on my blog as a Follower--would you consider doing so?  You DO NOT have to post your picture--it will be blank if you don't---but this will give me a feel for who is reading and maybe a glimpse into why--by knowing who.  I LOVE to have comments---like to know what you are thinking and sometimes it provokes thoughts that lead to another blog---but I know most are not willing to comment.  SO if you would consider being a follower---it might lead to the next step in getting that book out of me.  It will be LOTS of hard work--but I am not afraid of hard work and perhaps this is my way to be a "Life Coach".  SO THINK about it--at least---

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