The BEST cure for the blues---we all know--is to get busy!  So after dragging my lazy rear out of the bed, I decided perhaps I would do a little work on the book.  BAD IDEA!
I seem to have forgotten just what the book is about--GRIEF----so as I worked on the first chapter and fought back the tears---it slowly dawned on me perhaps today was not the day after all to begin the process of editing and rewrites.  I am dense and slow---but most of the time I finally clue in!

Next thing on my list of things needing done is house cleaning---although I am not sure why since the two oldest grands---13 & almost 11 could care less AND it will more than likely need cleaning again once they leave.  BUT for the sake of sanity--I started cleaning.  NOW when I really clean house---I start at the ceiling and work my way down.  One of the gifts Momma gave me was the fine art of cleaning a house in the correct manner.  

So I've spent a lot of the day cleaning---while taking breaks to sit down and read and reflect and listen to sad music by Allison Krauss & Union Station wind around the apartment on a melancholy cloud. Occasionally I get a grip and realize perhaps that is NOT the best thing to lift my spirits and then start plotting which is the best room to vacuum thoroughly since Whipper Snapper is home and sleeping after a late night of shenanigans.
  ANYWAY---I am surviving the waves of sadness and loneliness after days of wonderful companionship.  AND as I scrubbed the toilet from the top to the floor---decided on the name of my next book when or IF I ever get this one off the ground---GIFTS FROM MOMMA---which OF COURSE will include the ability to clean house well enough to eat off the floor!   

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  1. I really, really need to learn this gift of housecleaning from you! Love you! —Mere


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