I hear tell---that some from this fair city of Ruston drive ALL THE WAY to Dallas to get their hair cut-----WELL I would like to tell you that I drove ALL the way from Fort Worth to get my hair cut by the infamous Russell of Rumo's.  I must admit he does great work with not much to work on my head (got BAD hair) BUT I also enjoy the theologically based tantalizing discussions we always have.  He almost ALWAYS makes me think!

Today while administering the color and cutting the tresses---we had a discussion about marriage that lead to him telling me the difference in men and women was that we women were more modest and don't walk around unclothed (I WILL NOT GET OFF ON THIS SUBJECT FROM A PERSONAL PERSPECTIVE!)--but that men would like "To be necked (Southern for naked) lots!"  DUH---like we all don't know that!  Anyway--the light immediately went off---BLOG!  Be VERY careful what you say around me---all comments are being censored for blog material!

I circled back around to the fact that we are all naked before God----I have shared before that it occurred to me one day while showering that there was nothing to hide that God knew exactly who I was---inside and out.  There is NOT ONE THING that we can hide from Him---It is useless to try---sans Adam and Eve in the Garden.  Remember a few posts ago when I told you that when the grands were up to something--all got quiet and they would think they were getting away with something --hiding while being bad.  It all comes to surface in the end AND we are all naked before God.  HE sees it all----AND loves us dearly---What Joy!  Hebrews 4:13

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