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Friday, July 26, 2013


If someone could kindly tell me how the heck to get this turned and keep it rotated, I would appreciate it!  All of the other changes were saved--just can not seem to jump this hurdle!

Friend Sheila and I went to see the Texas Rangers & New York Yankees play today--My VERY FIRST professional baseball game!  It began at one PM---IT WAS HOT!   I lathered on the sunscreen, but somehow missed my neck---color me a redneck!   Had a GREAT TIME---Sheila is a huge Yankee fan and a baseball fan in general.  She patiently schooled me in players, etc since it has been a long time since I watched baseball.  

The stadium is beautiful---the fans were hugely entertaining & the atmosphere was exciting---What MORE could I ask/  The heat did not seem to deter the faithful and there were 35,000+ in attendance!

Much to the chagrin of the local fans--the Yankees won 2-0, but no one scored until late in the game-so it was a great game to experience my first professional outing!  I was a little surprised at how many Yankee fans were in attendance.  I would suppose that comes with living in a large metropolitan area. 

We had great seats 2 rows behind the Rangers dugout and 15 feet away from the Ranger owner, Nolan Ryan --of baseball fame himself.  On the row in front of us were 5 guys that were having a beer guzzling contest which was quite entertaining.  On the row behind us were 4 guys that discussed politics for most of the game.  WHY would you come to a baseball game to discuss politics?  JUST CURIOUS!  

Three ring circus is a good description of the entire atmosphere---I HAD A GREAT TIME!! 

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