I expect NO comments on the revelation that I am about to make, but the truth is that my mouth is very-very small.    DO NOT EVEN THINK IT!!!  When I make a trip to the dentist and hygienist, they are always flustered trying to work in such a small and cramped space.  Having X'rays made is pure agony--for even the child size plates are torture.  One memorable trip--the dentist in frustration tells me to just "UNHINGE MY JAW" to give him more room.  Yes, I will unhinge my jaw as soon as you decrease the size of your hand!  

NOW I KNOW you are ALL laughing and thinking the woman of MANY MANY words---that loves to talk--has a small mouth.  WELL it's true!  God DID gift me though to compensate for the small size.  When my kids were small, I could stand at my back door, take a deep breath, and yell loud enough for the entire neighborhood to know they needed to come home.  I can shout with the best of them--I should enter a hog calling contest or something-I am so gifted.

God is always using the unexpected, the scripture is full of examples---Moses--the man with a speech impediment, Peter, Andrew, James & John--fishermen-that probably smelled a little fishy to become part of the original disciples, David-the small shepherd boy with a sling shot and a rock, Mary-the teenage Mother of Jesus---Ruth-the lowly widow, and the list goes on and on.  SO why would God not be using my voice--from my tiny mouth for His good reasons?  Stranger things have happened--he chooses to use the unlikely--to reveal His great power and glory. 

So if God chooses to use my tiny mouth and small voice to comfort you, to teach you, to remind you of Who He is and what He has done for you---Why Would I Be Surprised?

Never dare to question how God can use you--even when you don't think you are equipped.  He can be a God full of surprises!

"Then answered Amos, and said to Amaziah, I was no prophet,
neither was I a prophet's son;
but I was a herdsman, and a dresser of sycomore-trees:
and Jehovah took me from following the flock
and Jehovah said unto me,
Go, prophesy unto my people Israel."
Amos 7:14-15
If God is prompting you, please feel free to share any and all posts.


  1. What I Love about your postings is you never know from one day to the next what the topic (aka lesson) will be. Keep it up, I truly enjoy and receive a blessing from reading the gifted words that flow from such a "small mouth"!!

    1. Thank You, Ronnie for allowing God to use you today to encourage me--You have blessed me and I am thankful.


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