I live in the surreal world of the BIG CITY---or perhaps it is the REAL world and I have lived all those years in the past in the surreal world of a small town.  I finally bit the bullet and bought a small buzz fan-following #1 daughter's sage advice.  The original purchase was to help cool the grands while here--but now it has become my noise machine.  Some nights it works like a charm and I do not even hear Whipper Snapper come home around midnight, but it does not always work.

The TCU students are back in town and with the students comes the booming night life of a college town.  The cars and trucks with their loud music are roaming up and down the street at all hours of the night.  The sidewalk strollers seem to begin their nightly exercise around the time I go to bed.  Sounds of living in the city are all around me.

Whipper Snapper's friend with the orange VW beetle showed up again after weeks on the MIA list last night.  Remember Whipper Snapper---no--then click here.  NOW I CANNOT REMEMBER IF I TOLD YOU THE STORY OF THE ORANGE VW---GETTING OLD!  If I did not---then in a nutshell---WS has a friend that owns an orange VW---(How many men do you know that have orange VW'S?)  ANYWAY--Friend comes over and spends the night with him occasionally, but has not been around in a few weeks.  Friend began parking in my space behind the house and I saw the friend leaving early one AM with shoes and pieces of clothing in hand.  NOW ON WITH THE STORY-  Last night at 1:00 AM --said VW owner comes over and the fun begins---there is yelling---loud voices---slammed doors--and a repeat of all the above until around 3:00-perhaps a little spat?  I have a class at the Y early this AM.  Tried to be super quiet since the orange VW is parked out back---until I got to the back door-right by his bedroom---I accidentally slammed it so hard the brick shook on the house.  The old James---PA in action!

Before WS and all of his shenanigans, the helicopter races started around 11 PM and lasted a good hour +.  The races do not happen every night--only special occasions---such as we do not want LL to get any sleep nights.  I am not sure WHAT is going on--perhaps I am in the flight pattern to the hospital and there has been a wreck---perhaps Lockheed Martin likes to perform night checks on their aircraft (do they build helicopters?), OR PERHAPS BIG BROTHER is conducting surveillance of all my comings and goings--since I do a LOT of things late at night---DO NOT KNOW---All I know is the helicopters fly low over my house constantly for at least an hour and sometimes more.

Would LOVE to have a night filled with the peace and quiet of the country--tree frogs, katydids, crickets,---the sweet lullaby of the country.  MISS RUSTON!

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