Last night and today was spent drinking from the Well of the Living Water!  I met some friends at the Beth Moore conference in Bossier (318) yesterday and we spent 2 days being lavished with teaching from The Word---lovingly admonished--constantly encouraged and reverently prayed over.  From the very first until the last worship song--it was an experience beyond description. I came away--re-energized, convicted, and redeemed after a teaching that hit me SQUARE in the face.  Laughingly I came away thinking "She was MEDDLING IN MY BUSINESS!"  I confess I deserved the meddling!  

8000 voices raised in worship is an incredible choir---if the Heavenly Host is better--I am ANXIOUS to experience that wonder.  The last emphasis of the day was in USING YOUR VOICE---as a weapon against The Evil One and as an instrument for The Father's Glory.  We were told---SPEAK IT OUT LOUD----since I have very few around me today that I can verbally speak to---I will instead use "My Voice" of writing to proclaim that which we were encouraged to speak out loud--including the use of social media.  Red letter is Beth Moore's beginning--blue returns to my voice

If the Lord had not been on my side: 
I would be leading a hopeless, defeated life with no sense of self worth-believing the world's lies that I am not worthy-not beautiful-not talented-not loved and in fact abandoned and rejected.  Yet because of His faithful love, compassion, and mercy, I am alive and living in the hope of the future that He has planned for me as his beautiful loved one that He loves beyond measure and uses for His great glory and pleasure.  I am a living example of His great mercy and love as evidenced by the great fountain of grace that pours over me continually as He loves me BEST.  


"And this is the testimony, that God gave us eternal life and the life is in His son."
I John 5:11

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