PM TO #1

I have a new Facebook Friend---Funny Name ---#1 of 3---I decided I would have a private chat with Him and the conversation is below---Red --#1's comments--As Always I am Blue
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Thank You for Friending me on Facebook.  I do not see your picture on your home page-trying to remember what you look like.

I am protecting you by not uploading a picture.

I totally understand!  I NEVER like any of the pictures I make!  I often think THAT COULD NOT POSSIBLY BE ME!  NEVER have liked the way I look!

I think you look wonderful--in fact--you were created in my image.

WELL I would REALLY like to see that picture then.

The reason for no picture is more like you will DROP DEAD if you see my face.

REALLY- I get it!  You feel the same way-huh?  Don't like how we look?


OH YEAH--think I do remember reading something about that!
Was wondering how You are?  I am NOT GOOD over here!

You look fine from my vantage point.

You DO NOT understand.  I have been rejected, abandoned & left alone.

Been there--done that---YES I understand.

Well--I do not want to sound ungrateful, BUT I do NOT get why you told me to move to Fort Worth.  I am LONELY!  I have NO friends.  I have been here 3 1/2 months now--and this is NOT FUN!

Your patience seems to be short.  My patience with you has been LONG suffering.

Yes, maybe so---BUT you sent me to this church and NOT ONE person has talked to me or befriended me.  I sit there by myself Sunday after Sunday.  

Perhaps you should strike up the conversation!  Have you EVER considered that the person next to you might also be new or might be having a difficult time?  You need to keep walking in the direction I have pointed you.

Maybe--but this small group you sent me to is NOT like my old one!

EXACTLY---may help you stretch and grow to experience some new things.

WELL and what about this school ministry that you had me sign up for?  They want me to come and be trained!  WHATEVER!  YOU KNOW how many years I have been doing school ministry.

So I suppose you know it all---and do not think the schools will be different in a large city.  There MIGHT be a few things you can learn.

PERHAPS---BUT back to why you wanted me to move.  I MISS my friends and family--I am lonesome and VERY homesick.

I understand---also understand you need to remember that I have plans for you---bloom where I have you planted right now.  Look for the opportunities I will send your way and enjoy what I have already given you.  BE PATIENT! AND remember this is not your home-it is a temporary stopping place. 

For goodness sake--I hear You--will work on it.  You would think I had asked to walk on water!  LOL!

May turn some water to wine for you--but do NOT try the walking on water--unless you have on your swimsuit!  LOL!

Thanks for the chat #1---You inspire and encourage me!

Glad to hear that I will always be here for you and I love you dearly!

And I love you---See you later--BUT I WOULD STILL LIKE TO SEE THAT PICTURE!
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ SIDENOTE--this all popped into my head as I drove home yesterday.  With the new world of communication that we live in is this where we are headed?  My grands do not talk to their friends--they text--email---PM.  I do a LOT of the same---plan to work on that---SPEAK IT OUT LOUD!

If God is prompting you, please feel free to share any and all posts.


  1. Interesting commentary with #1. Challenging and thought provoking. Wonder if #1 would really have that chat and would really sound like and answer that way. Probably would. Thanks for the thought and for the sharing and really got a kick out of #1's LOL.... Peace

    1. Well Anonymous, I would NEVER dare to try to be the voice of God--so this is all tongue in cheek. I did think He might like me to have a glass of wine to make our chat even more enjoyable.


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