One of the things I LOVE about Texas is the 75 MPH speed limit on the interstates--YEAH FOR SPEED---I usually do not push my- give me an extra 5- rule with that speed limit since I drive such a small car.  LABOR DAY WEEKEND FRIDAY---I am driving to Austin on what has to be the WORST interstate I have EVER driven on---with bumper to bumper--side to side traffic in three lanes of traffic---all flying in the same direction.  I always try to keep a little distance between me and the car in front of me--THANKFULLY!---as I top a hill-- right in front of me--the line of traffic is almost at a dead stand still---ROAD BLOCK--and I am on cruise at 75 MPH.  When I literally stand up on the brake pedal---I suppose I think my weight will help slow this hurling missile- all I can think is I AM GOING TO HIT THAT CAR!  The bumper of the SUV in front of me is like a strong magnet and I am the opposite pole with no course but to be joined.  THANKFULLY--I skidded and squealed and stopped---heart pounding--shaking--praying---I stopped!  
If you come to a sign that says detour--do you think what could be the harm in keeping the course?  If the sign says bridge out- do you think it is probably not really out?  If the sign says--danger rising water--do you think it can not be that deep?  There are signs placed along the road to warn us of the danger ahead, but the choice of heeding the warning is ours.  Do you tend to place yourself in the path of danger or are you heedful of the warning and make the detour?   Is your patience thin and are you willing to risk the danger in your path when you do not obey the signs?

Life is like that---we have roadblocks and signs thrown in the path we are rushing down by our Father--you have two choices---You can listen to the warning that you are being given and take another route--or you can slam into the road block and bear the pain that results.  There is a reason that God throws roadblocks and posts warning signs in front of us.  Perhaps we are headed for something dangerous--or out of His will.  Perhaps He is teaching us obedience.  Perhaps there is a better way--a better path that He has planned.  We are not given those answers-but we are given the free will to turn or run headlong into the block or danger.  Either direction you chose, He will still love you and be by your side as you travel the path--He is trying to point you in the right direction though.  Stop-Listen and Obey!

"The mind of a man plans his way, but the Lord shows him what to do."
Proverbs 16:9
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