This past weekend I attended the Mustang Million competition here in Fort Worth at the Will Rogers Coliseum with friends from Ruston.  What-I am certain you are asking-is the Mustang Million?  It is a competition among cowboys/girls from all over the country with a total prize purse of one million dollars.  These horse people adopt wild mustangs from the Department of Interiors and take no more than 120 days to train them for the competition.  It was amazing to see what these wild horses could do after such a brief period of training.

Remember this--they are WILD--unbroken--feral animals--that have lived off the land and with no contact with humans until their new master adopts them into his herd.  Here are a few of the feats that we witnessed:
All pictures were made by my good friend Glenda--such a talented photographer!

As I sat there and watched these impressive displays of horsemanship--I thought about how the horses began to trust their masters as they were cared for and loved.  They learned they could completely trust this cowboy/girl and with time performed amazing things based upon their total trust.  The Indian in the picture had his horse not only on the ground-but with his four hooves in the air--just like a dog!  The best thing that ever happened to these wild mustangs was to be picked for adoption by this new master.  They now know their needs will be supplied and they will be loved well.

We are all broken--it comes from living in the feral world. We talked this week at Bible Study about our hesitancy to trust Him with it all.  Why would we not trust Him?   He is our Master and Provider and He loves us not only well--but beyond our wildest imagination.  Accept His love--learn from His wisdom--and trust Him completely--and He will take your brokenness---and make you complete in Him.  What amazing things every one of us can do for His glory--when we learn to completely and totally trust Him.  

"The sacrifice you desire is a broken spirit;
You will not reject a broken and repentant heart."
Psalm 51:17

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