I must admit---though I am looking for the joy---trying--REALLY trying to find the hope for today---it is not always easy and I get stuck in the pit of despair--the narcissistic pool of grief.  The whispering in my ear tells me your efforts are for naught---no one cares--no one is listening--give it all up.

Then--God---in His infinite good grace---once again pours out his love over me---and gives me a glimpse of how He is using me for His good pleasure and to give Him great glory.  An email, a message, a text will come with the encouragement and reminder of how God has used the words He gave me that day to encourage someone He loves dearly.

I sent a copy of "The Book" to a dear friend that leads a divorce care group.  The whispering in my ear tells me writing it all down was an exercise in futility and who will ever read or care what was my answer to the depths of grief.  She sends me an email with a story of having the book in her purse to read while getting a pedicure--a spur of the moment pedicure.  She drives to three nail parlors before finally finding one open.  A friend of hers is there and tells her she needs to tell her about her own marriage tragedy.  As she relates the story, the friend with the book is prompted to share it with her.  God has orchestrated a beautiful pouring out of grace.  Why did I think to mail the friend a copy of the book?  Why was she prompted to get a pedicure where she does not usually go?  Why was her friend at the same place?  Why was she prompted to share her story?  Why was "The Book" shared on the spur of a moment--without even knowing what it contained?   A LOT of why's---but there is no doubt in my mind---God is raining down grace upon grace to those who are searching--seeking His perfect plan--all to give Him full glory.

Today I am thankful and filled with joy for time after time
that He has shown Grace upon Grace.

"Anyone who believes in me may come and drink! For the Scriptures declare, 'Rivers of living water will flow from his heart.'" 
John 7:38

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