There are days that time seems to be standing still---
As I march through the day to dayness-
 I seem to be on automatic pilot--
do it all today--just as yesterday--
and then again tomorrow. 
 A never ending spin on the wheel of life
 can become quite soothing. 
 The sameness can be comforting--
there is much to be said for the predictable.
  I could write a script--
stick to the lines--
move through the motions-
all in the peace of the repeat. 

Then the surprise of a change
 will catch me unaware and reeling. 
 Looking for the boredom of the usual-
in the midst of the strange,
 I am caught in the whirlpool 
that pulls me down into the depths.
  A grave disappointment, a huge mistake,
 a fall into the pit, 
or my ox is in the ditch--
no matter the cause-
I find myself shaken and searching.
 In the midst of the shock--
in the depths of dismay--
I need to remember the lesson--
I need to perservere
 and keep to the path--
as I reach for His grace and
 He leads the way. 

Life is filled with falls,
 bumps, bruises, breaks,
 losses, pain, despair--
when they come-
-remember the joy-
the good--the pure. 
 I would never know how glorious
 the run was down the hill -
-unless I first experienced 
the pain of the run up the hill.
  The grandeur of the mountain top
 only comes after the climb
 and struggle up the trail--
filled with rocks and boulders
 and fields of scree--
exhausting and dangerous
 to reach that crest-
but then the splendor
 of the beauty when finally at rest.

So for today, I remind myself---
in the midst of this different--
in the fields of the lonely--
there will be glory in the morrow---
joy instead of sorrow---
as I walk down the path
 and hold to His hand---
joy in the midst of the hope for tomorrow.

"Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer."
Romans 12:12
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