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Saturday, November 23, 2013


We are all happy and filled with such glee
Good food and good fun will be had with all 
Thanksgiving day is coming soon you see
A Celebration day at the end of Fall.


We are busy planning a really fun day
Filled with all of our favorite kin
Playing and running and games, you say
Stories and football for all in the den.


But not everyone is excited as the days pass
leading up to the huge feast
Some are in dread that leads to bad gas
Creating a very unhappy beast.


Tom the Turkey is fretting and dreading it too
Knowing the danger held by the menu
He wishes he could learn how to moo
Or at least ask for a change in his venue.


The other turkeys have told Tom the tale
Of what is planned for the main course
If he had a boat, he would set sail
The rumor must be true it came from a good source.


How could this be? Who has made this plan
Surely a cow would make a better dish
Eating a turkey someone should ban
Why not try a delicious grilled fish?


Poor Tom is resigned to his sure fate
There is only one good thing of the upcoming dinner
After all he surely must rate
Being the main dish must make him the winner.

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