Today is the day--the media has named---BLACK FRIDAY.  Marked by those that love the thrill of shopping and seeking those impossible bargains.  They join the throngs of shoppers--pushing - shoving - hurrying - scurrying - standing in long lines - enjoying the thrill of the chase of the deal of the year.  Is this part of your holiday tradition?  Your holiday would be incomplete without this day of pandemonium?  ENJOY---have a great day!

My day will not be spent in the midst of crowds--never shopping--I had rather scrub commodes than join the throngs of shoppers.  NOT to worry--there will be no scrubbing on this day--I plan to enjoy the day and embrace the joy of this time of thanks. 

 I am thankful for the holiday fare of yesterday.  Today I am enjoying it again AND it is always better the second and third time around.  Why is it so much better as leftovers?  Perhaps the herbs and spices have had time to saturate and penetrate ---bringing out the full flavor of that which started as good and only got better with time.  A little like you and me---we get better with age---like a fine wine--time brings out the deep full flavor and bold bouquet.

I might take a ride--or perhaps even a walk--a slow nature savoring travel down the path.  Ambling along--enjoying the beauty of the day--the slow warming as the late fall sun rises in the sky--bathing in the fall colors as I trek down the path.

Enjoying a laugh---sharing a chat---spending time with those that I love and who love me.  Playing a game--watching football--being close and spending time with those who are special and I hold dear.  What better way to spend my day?

So enjoy your shopping on this Friday known for being black.  I prefer to pass on the shopping spree - not sure I understand the fun of that kind of day.  I much prefer to stop---slow down---relish the day.  My Friday will not be black--nor will it be blue---it instead will be a golden day.

"Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; his love endures forever."
I Chronicles 16:34

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