With age comes the wisdom that love is a verb and a choice that you make each and every day.  Love is not infatuation--attraction that hormones produce.  It is not about the temporal--worldly--flesh centered media driven concept of love.  In all truth --love--is what God is trying to show us and teach us.  His relationship with us is the master key to what love is.  He is the master architect--creator of love and His master design for the perfect love ---He desires for us to look at --learn from --and emulate  as we love Him and those He places in our lives.

Bottom line is that we ALL are unlovable at some point.  THAT is when the conscious decision is not just necessary--but absolutely vital.  Even the "Beautiful People" can be not only less than attractive, but down right repulsive.  The Father shows us how to love those that are less than attractive, those with bad habits, those that are repulsive--He loves them all and us--warts, stink, sloth, and sin--He loves us--beyond our wildest dreams--by choice.  He created us in His image--with the intent to love us--KNOWING we would fail Him---Yet HE Loves Us---because it would be contrary to His character to not love us.

The One whose very character is love--created us---in HIS image---SO we are created in the image of love.  We are a created being --made in His image--AND therefore we should reflect His character of love.  What happens?  Why don't we look like Him--Why is it difficult for us to love as He does?  We place ourselves on the throne--replacing Him--putting our wants and desires before His good plan for us--His model of what love is---

And then--we have made a choice--but that choice has nothing to do with the Godly love He desires for us--it instead becomes a sad reflection of the world and all that is broken in it.  I pray everyday--"Help me make the choice to love as You love me."

"And so we know and rely on the love God has for us.
God is love. Whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in them."
I John 4:16

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